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The Fireside PTO is excited to announce a new partnership with, an education non-profit that is providing an integrated solution for our online parent/student directory, volunteer signups, and parent/teacher conferences. is currently being used at 32 BVSD schools. This year, over 15,000 volunteer slots were filled in BVSD using HelpAtSchool.

Why promises to simplify volunteering, both for volunteers & event organizers. We will now consolidate all of our volunteer jobs and sign-ups onto one site! You can find all volunteer opportunities for the school listed on our page.

Volunteer Benefits:

Here’s how will make it easier for you to volunteer:

  • Quickly see all the ways you can help, via a “catalog” of opportunities.

  • Sign up for the jobs/time slots that work for you.

  • Easily view all your sign-ups in one place – for everything from class parties, to fundraisers, to parent/teacher conferences!

  • Receive automated notifications & reminders.

  • Access the secure online parent/student directory (must opt in).

Event Organizing Simplified:

If you’re in charge of a Fireside PTO event, HelpAtSchool will become your main tool for organizing and contacting volunteers. You’ll be able to:

  • List volunteer opportunities for your event.

  • Store your event info & volunteer positions online.

  • Reuse events from previous school years – no more reinventing the wheel!

  • View events held at other local schools and get new ideas to implement at Fireside. (Don’t worry, no private information is shared across schools.)

Register Now!

To use HelpAtSchool, you have to register! But it’s super easy; all it takes is an email address & a quick confirmation link. Be sure to use the same email address you provided when registering your child at Fireside. Just click this link to, select Fireside, click on Login or Create Account, and follow the instructions.

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