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Dream Big Grant 2023

Fireside Elementary was fortunate to have the funds to grant big dreams for the school. The proposals were meant to enrich the experience of the students. Questions asked to community members with proposals were: 

  • What are you requesting?

  • Why are you requesting this grant and how will it further the mission at Fireside?

  • Amount requested?

  • Might there be other sources of funding for this request - partially or fully? If so, what are those sources and what are the steps to find out?

  • What is your plan for implementation?

  • What support do you need to make it happen?

  • Duration of project- what is your anticipated timeline?

  • Is this an ongoing program/need or a one time ask?

  • What is the intended outcome for this grant?


There were many submissions, and while not all could be approved, below are the approved grants and how they are being used at Fireside. Many thanks to the community for their submissions and hard-work on making this happen for Fireside!

  • Microphones for Shakespeare / Music / Events: Assemblies and class presentations

  • IPad for FNN/Announcements: Daily use while 5th graders and teachers make announcements 

  • Smart TV for Counseling Room: Used in small group activities and in classrooms for all to see the screen- previously was displaying on a laptop 

  • Smart TV for PK Room: To enhance student learning

  • Generation Genius Subscription: Videos that engage, educate & inspire kids in science

  • Metal Bookshelves: Classroom Storage

  • 3D Printer for School: Students will learn how to use coding and software, which is an important part of the 21st Century learning environment

  • Training Course- Emotionally Focused Therapy: Continue to build best practices in counseling to help students 

  • Worm Composting: To tie into Climate Club and the school garden

  • Falcon Mascot Costume: Used at school assemblies, functions, and to bring overall joy and school spirit to the students/staff 

  • Flexible Seating - Henkaus Classroom: Student use

  • Bluegrass Jam Guest Instructor for 5th Grade Guitar: To enhance student learning

  • Chem Top Tables for Art Room: The previous art tables were too small, and with this approval, all students can work comfortably at art tables

  • Traverse Climbing Wall for the Gym: Allow for a new set of skills to be taught and practiced that were not able to incorporate before. Many climbing skills are associated with upper body strength and coordination. 

  • Artist Residency for David Reuille: Helps students explore new ways to represent their thinking

  • Decodable Books for Literacy Instruction: Highly engaging stories that are appropriate for students that are struggling with reading

  • Autism Awareness T Shirts for All Staff: To build a sense of inclusion and acceptance

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